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Reasons why student journalists must blog


Over the years blogging has become very popular. Most, people blog about different things like fashion trends, cooking ideas and even news. It may seem like it is just a hobby but blogging can become a key to unlocking a world of opportunities especially for student journalists.

It is important for student journalists to write and keep an online record of their work through blogging. For student journalists, blogging is a way of gaining experience that will come in handy after they graduate and start searching for work. Nowadays, employers look for people with experience.

There are different reasons why blogging is important for student journalists. Through blogging and putting their work out on the internet, it gives them exposure and puts them on the radar. People will start to follow their work and as a journalist having an audience is important. By constantly blogging and interacting, student journalists will soon then also gain the trust of their audience. The most important things a student journalist should and must have and what they can gain through blogging are: experience, exposure, an audience and trust. It is their ammunition to execute any assignment.

It is also important for student journalists to take good advantage of their blog platform. It is where they will discover what works for them when writing and what does not. It is also a platform where they can make mistakes and learn from it.

This video introduces me and what I want to achieve with my blog:


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